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Messages from the Board of Directors

Dear NCHA Members,

I am sure you have seen the news today, the Province of Ontario has extended the lockdown in Northern Ontario for another two weeks until January 23rd

This means that there will be no hockey programming until that date at the earliest.   We will keep everyone apprised of any further details as they become available.

NCHA Board of Directors

Messages from the NCHA President

Hello Everyone.

I trust this newsletter finds everyone doing well and above all continue to be safe. The Board of Directors have recently met to discuss our next Session. As we look ahead to the weeks and months of hockey (hopefully) we wanted to give our members an update as to the projected costs for the final semester.

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Messages from the NCHA Treasurer


Below is a graph showing the growing gap in expenses vs. income based upon the initial charge of $350 per 8 week session.  Then, how the projected costs are expected to recoup losses, beginning in Week 16.

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Finance-Related Questions and Responses

Dear Members,

First, I would like to thank all of you who have reached out with questions and requests for more details.  I hope you can appreciate that it is impossible to immediately meet the expectations of everyone, and to answer to everyone all at once.  I appreciate those of you who have been patient as we have collected your questions and worked to give detailed responses to them.

I honestly hope that, upon reading the following document, that you have answers to any questions you may have...but if you don’t - please feel free to reach out and ask more questions.  We are people, and we are volunteers.  If there is an oversight, mistake, or if we have missed a question, it is a mistake, and nothing personal or purposeful. 

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Your Hometown Teams


NOHA Respect in Sport for Parents

Details can be found at the NOHA Respect in Sport for Parents website.

2020 Registration and Payment for 3rd Session

Payment for 2020 Registered Players

Payment for 3rd (5 week) session

Please send your etransfer payment of $400 to or use the PayPal link below (subject to $12 admin fee)

Payment due date is Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Players Name



For players who were not registered in the first 8 week session, please use the link below to register before proceeding to payment.   Pursuant to Hockey Canada/NOHA guidelines players must have been registered to a Nickel City team last season (2019/2020) in order to register.

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