Current Covid information
At NHCA, we are very happy to continue to offer hockey programming for all of the players in these times.  We consider the players' ability to continue to take part and develop skills in a sport they love our top priority.  With that said, we want to remind parents and families that the following protocol must be adhered to, in order to help ensure the kids can keep playing hockey:
  • Active Pre-screening prior to every ice time
  • Parent reporting of which one (1) parent or family member is accompanying the player to each ice time
  • Wear a mask at all times in the arena
  • Follow social distancing guidelines in and around the arena
  • Follow 1-parent per family protocol (this includes parent coaches, who count as the parent)
  • Ensure you are following Public Health direction for isolation, testing, and only accessing essential services.
Here is a link to the Ontario screening tool: 
Recent updates from Public Health Sudbury:
Players from families who choose not to follow the expected protocol or directions may be suspended from Nickel City Hockey Association activities. 
We hope and expect that all players and families will continue to do what they can so that all the players have the best chance to continue to take part in hockey this season.