Covid Scenarios

As per direction from SDHU March 1 2021

1.Player has tested positive. Player must follow SDHU directions. Player and family must not attend NCHA activities until cleared by the health unit . Impact to teams. If this player has been on the ice, SDHU will give us guidance as to team isolation periods.

2.Player has a positive case in their classroom or bus route  ( low risk or high risk close contact ).Player must follow SDHU directions. Player must self isolate and monitor for symptoms. Player and family members can only return when the isolation period is over and they have not experienced any symptoms. ( Negative test does not shorten isolation period Impact to teams : None 

3.Players school and or Bus route has been asked to self isolate by SDHU. (Such as LaSalle Secondary ,Algonquin Public ). Players must isolate for their designated isolation period and monitor for symptoms. Players and any family member can only return when their isolation period is over and they have not experienced any symptoms.( Negative test results does not reduce isolation period ) 

Impact to teams :None

4.Player wakes up sick or is sent home by the school for not feeling well. Player/Parents must use the Self Assessment School Tool and follow the directions.Everyone in your household must stay home if anyone has COVID-19 symptoms or is waiting for test results after experiencing symptoms.Stay home until the person with symptoms gets a negative COVID-19 test result,  is cleared by public health,is diagnosed with another illnessor 10 days isolation has passed with no new symptoms.