December 2020 Message from NCHA Treasurer

 Below is a graph showing the growing gap in expenses vs. income based upon the initial charge of $350 per 8 week session.  Then, how the projected costs are expected to recoup losses, beginning in Week 16.

As you can see, NCHA has developed a significant shortfall over the first two sessions that is simply not sustainable. 


Simply put, payments of $350 per player over 8 weeks does not even cover the cost of our ice bills alone.  Our association also has other significant costs to cover, such as officials for games, equipment that was ordered, banking and insurance fees, bookkeeper and ice convenor costs, and NOHA card costs, among others.  In addition to ice, these costs are what has led to this shortfall that we need to recoup.


The Plan Moving Forward:

The plan we have is for 12 weeks - January 4 - to March 27.  The cost for this 12 week session is $940 per player.  As you can see in the graph above, this will effectively balance the budget for the 2020/2021 season for NCHA.


Please address questions or concerns to your respective Convenor or NCHA Board member so they are properly addressed by appropriate people.