Board of Directors

Article 5 – Governing Body, Elections & Admin Council 

5.1 The Board of Directors - The NCHA shall be governed by a Board of Directors, and shall be herein referred to as the Board 

5.2 The administration of the day to day business of the NCHA shall be by the Board that is elected by the membership during the Annual General Meeting with the exception of the Past President position. Each Board member will be required to assume a role on the Administrative Council. The Board shall consist of the following positions: 

 Past President 

 President 

 1st Vice President 

 2nd Vice President 

 Secretary 


 Treasurer 

 Area Representative – South West (Walden, Espanola areas) 

 Area Representative – North West (Rayside, Onaping areas) 

 Area Representative – North East (Valley East, Capreal areas) 

 Area Representative – South East (Nickel Centre, Coniston areas)