AAA Tryouts - Combined teams- (Minor Bantam AAA and Minor Midget AAA)
Next year's teams (2018/2019 Season) will be run as follows:

SMHA will be hosting Minor Bantam AAA - on NCHA cards. (Wolves Sweaters)
NCHA will be hosting Minor Midget AAA - on SMHA Cards. (Sons Sweaters)

Minor Midget AAA
Anyone with an address in District 8 (Sudbury and Copper Cliff) will not need a release for the Minor Midget team since they will be on SMHA cards (even though they will play with a Sons jersey on.) NCHA players in District 2 will need the release for this team.

Minor Bantam AAA
All SMHA players will need a release for the Minor Bantam team and NCHA players will not.

Joe McColeman, Chair
AAA Committee