* Please note that Final decisions on Team models will only be made during the A tryouts. These decisions will be made based on the number of players remaining after AA teams are formed. We will take into consideration the number of Major and Minor aged players as well as where they reside. Please be patient while this process takes place.
- Tryout committee

The NCHA wishes to announce it's Head Coach selection for the following "A" teams:

Major Atom A West
Mike Dore

Minor Atom A West
Brad Gerrior

Major Atom A East
Denis Guillemette

Minor Atom A East

Major Peewee A West
Bill Clarke

Minor Peewee A West
Rick Gaudet

Major Peewee A East
Mitch Hachez

Minor Peewee A East
Josh Torok

Major Bantam A West
Trevor Dewit

Minor Bantam A West
Gary Annett

Major Bantam A East
Marc Barrett

Minor Bantam A East
Mark Poitras